Buyers won't take your word for it

And now they don't have to. Connect your prospects with happy customers they know and watch your customers do the selling for you. That’s Noble.

We buy the products our colleagues use or recommend


of B2B buyers seek advice from people they know before buying


end up buying the same product their colleagues use

You lose control and visibility when your buyers backchannel

and it’s frustrating and time consuming for prospects to find customers they know

What we do today

Connect a buyer with the same “best customer” for a reference over and over
Our buyers blast their network for recommendations
Show buyers the testimonials and G2 awards we have all over the website

Why it doesn’t work

It’s like talking to a robot. Vendors use the same few customers and often incentivizes them for each call.
It’s mostly noise for their network and if they do connect with someone, it could be a churned or unhappy customer.
The marketing team probably wrote the testimonial and the customer just blindly approved it. Not to mention the $25 for giving a G2 review.

How Noble works

Noble shows your prospects which happy customers they already know

Happy customers your prospect knowsHappy customers your prospect knows mobile

Get started in 15 mins

Activate your prospects on Noble wherever they are


Give Noble your customer list or connect to your CRM


Promote Noble using any of the methods below


Get insights about which prospects use Noble and what your customers say

Sales Rep email signature

Promote to every prospect you send email to.

Meeting primer email

Offer prospects a way to backchannel before your meeting.

On your website

Let prospects see which customers they already know right on your site.

After a demo is scheduled

Demos run smoother when prospects have already engaged a customer.

As a new SDR offer

Give SDRs a new valuable offer for prospecting.

Retargeting ad

With an interesting and valuable offer.

Email nurture

Automatically MQL any prospect who engages with Noble.

Warm intro mapping

Let Noble show you which customers know which of your prospects.

Be a Noble Seller because authenticity sells

Benefits of being a Noble seller

noble features and benefitsnoble features and benefits mobile

Don’t read this testimonial

Instead, use Noble to see which of your friends use Noble and ask them directly

“It's so common for B2B companies to embellish their reviews and buyers know it. The brilliance of Noble is that sellers can now genuinely say ‘don't take our word for it.’ So don’t rely on this quote. Seriously. Instead, see which of your contacts use Noble and ask them about their experience!”

Jason Widup
B2B Marketing Leader, Peak B2B Marketing