It started with the premise that buyers want to talk to people they know before making a purchase

We assembled a small team of saas operators, supported by top-tier investors, to bring this to life.

picture of rahul jain

Why I started Noble

The way buyers make purchasing decisions has changed. Buyers now rely on their personal network to quickly cut through the noise and only contact the sales team when they are ready to buy. Revenue is the oxygen for a business and sellers are not equipped to win deals if they are unable to influence the buyer during their evaluation.

Noble’s founders experienced this pain firsthand and Noble’s software automates and scales the word of mouth conversations and backchannel references that they learned to manually facilitate to successfully close deals during this shift in buyer behavior.

Meet our team

Rahul Jain

Co-Founder and CEO

Josh Budman

Co-Founder and CTO

Jason Widup

Founding CMO

James Coll

Lead Developer


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