Answers to all your Noble questions

What is Noble?

Noble is a secure 3rd party company that shows you which customers you know so you can chat with users who you know and trust. Instead of companies telling you what to think about their product, now you have the power to find out yourself.

How does Noble work?

Noble cross references your contacts (e.g., LinkedIn connections, Slack/Discord groups, email contacts, etc.) with a customer list from the seller so we can show you which customers you know. Once you see which users you know then you can email them to ask any questions you may have.

Why do I need to log in with my LinkedIn credentials?

Noble uses LinkedIn’s secure authentication to understand who you are so we can customize your search results. Otherwise Noble wouldn’t know who is looking to see a list of customers in their network.

Why do I need to accept an invite from a Noble employee?

In order to see your LinkedIn connections, a Noble team member needs to be connected to you. By accepting the invite, we can then cross reference your connections with a list of customers to show you which customers you know.

What information of mine is shared and with whom?

As a trusted 3rd party, no identifiable information is shared with the seller or any other entities. Sellers can request the company name and title of users to ensure that competitors are not taking advantage of Noble to poach the seller’s customers.